Faversham Day Nursery

A happy and wonderful nursery set across two beautiful old buildings by the creek

Lovely People, Lovely Setting

A wonderful nursery is made by wonderful people. Moonbeams staff are warm and caring, and as adept at providing your children with a nurturing and encouraging environment, as they are negotiating nap time and meals. Moonbeams combines bright airy age specific rooms with a large safe outdoor play area. Like historic Faversham itself, there’s something quite timeless about Little Moonbeams. Our nursery is split across two beautiful and characterful buildings, in a quiet part of town by our famous creek. 

Baby Room

3 Months – 2 Years

Little Moonbeams Faversham

Every baby is a unique little person which is why each Little Moonbeams baby has a schedule of care as unique as they are. Our key carer system quickly helps your baby develop a trusting and secure relationship in a warm, nurturing environment. We start by getting to know your little one in short taster sessions. We use this time to understand their individual needs, and which key carer they are happiest with. While no two Moonbeams babies have exactly the same schedule, they all share two things in common. They have fun, and feel safe. So whether at messy play, singing songs or enjoying story time, Moonbeams babies are happy babies.


2 years – 3 years

Little Moonbeams Toddlers

Ok, 2 year olds, ready, steady… TODDLE! The toddler room is a beautiful, bright and stimulating area that inspires young minds and encourages exploration. The children develop their fine motor skills and understanding of colour, and can even cook up an imaginary storm in our handmade wooden kitchen. There are no plastic toys in the toddler room, having replaced them with lots of little treasures from the natural world as well as bright sparkling gems and shiny metal bowls. Not only better for the planet, but better for language development as the children are exposed to a much greater variety of objects. Meal times are communal (and often loud) and visits to preschool paves the way into the next room. Moonbeams toddlers enjoy regular trips to the park and to Stonebridge Pond to feed the ducks. After all, there is a whole world out there to explore. But we’ll start with Faversham for now.


3 years – big school

Little Moonbeams Faversham

Next stop, big school! We know what a huge step the move to school is. It’s why the pre school year is spent helping children develop the skills they’ll need on this exciting next adventure. They’ll use cutlery, put on their own shoes and coats, confidently use the toilet and develop their understanding of phonics, numbers and colours. But it’s not all work work work. There’s always time for play at Moonbeams. Preschool is jam packed with fun things like our wooden kitchen and natural objects that encourage creativity through open ended play. Is it a pine cone? Or is it in fact a rocket blasting off to the moon? (OK it’s a pine cone but you get the point). Then there’s exploring the great outdoors, though the trips on the bus are seemingly as exciting as the destination itself. And after graduation day, complete with singing and gowns, we’ll work with the schools to prepare for a smooth transition.

Art Room

All ages

Little Moonbeams Art

There is nothing quite like children doing art. The little furrowed brow of intense concentration, the pride as they display their creations, and of course the splashes of paint, crayon hands and clouds of chalk dust. Art is an essential part of a child’s cognitive development. It helps with fine motor skills and language as they communicate their artistic vision. Art is awesome and art is messySo we say LET’S GET MESSY! That’s why the whole nursery has access to the art room. A busy room full of little Davincis and Emins expressing themselves their way, while helpfully redecorating the furniture in the style of Jackson Pollock. 

Sensory Room

All ages


Our sensory room provides an environment for children to experience the world a little differently. The room has been designed to stimulate learning with play while engaging different areas of the brain. With tactile experiences, special sound and visual effects, time in the Moonbeams sensory room helps our children improve their fine and gross motor skills in a calming environment. Combining learning with play? It’s the Moonbeams way.

Our yummy food

Whatever your child’s dietary requirements, our resident Chef Tait delivers a daily menu that uses fresh ingredients delivered daily to create a varied and nutritionally balanced menu that your children will love. From sticky BBQ chicken and rice noodles, vegetable lasagne with potato wedges to homemade spiced apple cake and fruits of the forest crumble, there’s always a buzz around at Moonbeams mealtimes.

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